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by Allan Fish

(UK 2003 350m) DVD2

A missing silver briefcase

p  Hilary Bevan Jones  d  David Yates  w  Paul Abbott  ph  Chris Seager  ed  Mark Day  m  Nicholas Hooper  art  Donal Woods

David Morrissey (Stephen Collins), John Simm (Cal McCaffrey), Kelly MacDonald (Della Smith), Bill Nighy (Cameron Foster), Polly Walker (Anne Collins), Amelia Bullmore (Helen Preger), James McAvoy (Dan Foster), Philip Glenister (DCI William Bell), Marc Warren (Dominic Foy), Michael Feast (Andrew Wilson), Benedict Wong (Pete Cheng), Geraldine James (Yvonne Shaps), Sean Gilder (Sgt. “Chewy” Cheweski), Tom Burke (Syd), Shauna McDonald (Sonia Baker), David Ryall,

Just watching State of Play again reminds one of just how incestuous British television drama is.  Never mind the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, they should rename that game the Two Degrees of John Simm.  Just one look through the cast – Simm, Morrissey, Nighy, McDonald, Glenister, Warren, it’s like a who’s who of contemporary drama.  Only Jodhi May, David Tennant, Sarah Parish and David Bradley are missing, but all of the above are very much part of the merry-go-round.  Take Morrissey, who following this had arguably his best role as Ripley Holden in Blackpool, opposite David Tennant, whose adversary as Doctor Who, The Master, was reincarnated as John Simm, who appeared with David Morrissey…  Arthur Schnitzler would give off a wry smile. (more…)

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