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by Joel Bocko

(Apologies for the premature posting last night. This here is the real deal. If the embedded videos give you any trouble, you can watch it directly on YouTube here and here.)

The following video essay is my entry in the comedy countdown. Enjoy!

(Part 2 after the jump)


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© 2012 by James Clark

We’ve now hit the Christmas Red Zone and, as promised, here’s a movie right for the season—one that hasn’t come close to being a Christmas classic (in fact having come to light only this year), and perhaps never will. (Please hold that thought, as to a Santa being scourged by a Scrooge.)

It’s a bouncy little thing, veering amongst a blizzard of seemingly disparate eventuation; but I think it knows very well where it’s headed. It has a protagonist who peels off into about a dozen other protagonists—sort of like dealing with Christmases Past and To Come. And that’s only the beginning of an elusiveness that sharply compromises its chances of becoming another Nutcracker.

The eminence behind this puzzling gift, Leos Carax, is far from a precious and naive obscurantist—having in fact a track record of substantially (and yet unrewardingly) juicing up the riveting but essentially invisible discoveries of Robert Bresson. And he generously casts a bright beam upon the workings of his tale, so as to allow us to tread forward without (completely) falling from the steep cliffs his seismic invention shoots up into our face. (more…)

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