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by Allan Fish

Into the first of the new decade…the last great one for American film, but the beginning of Europe’s decline…

Best Picture The Conformist, Italy (10 votes)

Best Director Bernardo Bertolucci, The Conformist (8 votes)

Best Actor Jack Nicholson, Five Easy Pieces (9 votes)

Best Actress Catherine Deneuve, Tristana & Barbara Loden, Wanda (4 votes each, TIE)

Best Supp Actor Yves Montand, Le Cercle Rouge (5 votes)

Best Supp Actress Dominique Sanda, The Conformist (7 votes)

Best Cinematography Vittorio Storaro, The Conformist (7 votes)

Best Score Georges Delerue, The Conformist (4 votes)

Best Short Interviews with My Lai Veterans, US, Joseph Strick (3 votes)


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by Bob Clark

Of all the early pioneers of animation in Hollywood, perhaps none have gone so unduly forgotten as Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising. The crucial part they played in the genesis in many of the first great cartoon characters has been largely overlooked nowadays. Few remember the work they did in the “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” shorts alongside Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney, and how their designs paved the way for the likes of Mickey Mouse. A few more may remember the role they played in the foundation of Warner Bros.’ landmark animation studios, which would go on to spawn characters including Porky Pig, Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny. But when modern-day critics recall their collaborations on with the Looney Tune and Merrie Melodies series, it is rarely with the same appreciation that later talents like Tex Avery, Friz Freleng and Chuck Jones would be granted, men who elevated the art of animation to comedic heights that can stand alongside the works of Mark Twain as first-rate works of American satire.


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