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by Allan Fish

Best Picture The Last Picture Show, US (7 votes)

Best Director Stanley Kubrick, A Clockwork Orange (6 votes)

Best Actor Malcolm McDowell, A Clockwork Orange (7 votes)

Best Actress Jane Fonda, Klute (5 votes)

Best Supp Actor Ben Johnson, The Last Picture Show (9 votes)

Best Supp Actress Ellen Burstyn, The Last Picture Show (8 votes)

Best Cinematography Robert L.Surtees, The Last Picture Show (6 votes)

Best Score Georges Delerue, Les Deux Anglaises et le Continent & Isaac Hayes, Shaft (3 votes each TIE)

Best Short Hapax Legumena I: (Nostalgia), US, Hollis Frampton (4 votes)


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By Bob Clark

Celebrity deaths, so the common wisdom of the morbidly curious goes, usually come in threes, and this past Christmas was no exception. We lost two of our best character actors in Jack Klugman and Charles Durning, whose collective contributions to film and television cover a generously wide span of content– everything from hardboiled dramas and lighthearted sitcoms to great American theater and raunchy modern animation. Both of them were lesser-known names than many of their contemporaries, but odds are you’d recognize them by their faces or the parts they played, which isn’t something you could say very easily about the third part of this mortuary trifecta. How many people nowadays know the name Gerry Anderson right off the tip of their tongues? Fewer still would be able to place his face, or even claim to have seen him on television or in a magazine. As a producer, writer and creator on television, he’s much more likely to be known by the works he made rather than any facetime with his audience, and for somebody engaged in creating works of children’s television you’ve got the automatically receding half-life of nostalgia. Unless you grew up withhis programs in their original runs or maybe in reruns, odds are you only know about them if making a concerted effort to track down all the curiosities of quasi-animation and puppet stylings on the big or small screens from the past half century or so. And perhaps the best thing that can be said about Thunderbirds or Captain Scarlet is that, for all their flaws, they’re worth the effort.


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