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by Jaime Grijalba.

2012 was a very interesting year. For some people it was worse than the plague, and for others it was filled with satisfactions and personal goals reached, for me it was something in the middle, with good and bad moments, days of sadness and joy were mixing every month that passed, and while it’s far from being my favorite year of my still short existence, I can say that I learned a lot about life and its many ways and paths that it can go through. I also finished my career at university, and even if the paper that says that I’m an Audiovisual Director (Film Director to put it simple) won’t be in my hands until November 2013, I don’t have any assignatures left, I directed a short film that was decently received among the people I know (and the teachers, more importantly), as well as I wrote a feature length script, the first I’ve ever written, that was also presented and was my theses, it was also received quite well among the teachers and filmmakers who had the chance to read it completely. Right now I’m in my internship (the second I’ve done) in a magazine for men that requires videos and a making-of for their big launch in March; the experience has been good so far and I hope that it continues to go that way, I’m also waiting for the decission on a government fee to work on my feature-length screenplay in the year 2013, it will be a lot of money for me so I hope I win it so I can work at my house so I can finally make my debut sooner than later. (more…)

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