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by Allan Fish

Best Picture The Spirit of the Beehive, Spain (3 votes)

Best Director Victor Erice, The Spirit of the Beehive, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, World on a Wire TV & Martin Scorsese, Mean Streets (3 votes each, TIE)

Best Actor Robert Mitchum, The Friends of Eddie Coyle (5 votes)

Best Actress Liv Ullmann, Scenes from a Marriage TV (9 votes)

Best Supp Actor Robert de Niro, Mean Streets (9 votes)

Best Supp Actress Ana Torrent, The Spirit of the Beehive (7 votes)

Best Cinematography Tak Fujimoto, Stevan Larner, Brian Probyn, Badlands (5 votes)

Best Score Bob Dylan, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (6 votes)

Best Short H is for House, UK, Peter Greenaway (2 votes)

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