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Screen cap from Bruno Dumont’s minimalist ‘Hors Satan’

by Sam Juliano

January 2013 has offered up some surprisingly mild weather to this point, though this revelation could well jinx the spirit of friendship now shared with Mother Nature. I speak of course of the northeast only, and know well the mid-west has received more than their share of the white stuff and chilling temperatures. Today is Martin Luther King Day, and some schools and banks are closed down stateside. There are tentative plans to move forward this coming week with the Oscar discussion video with Dennis at a local restaurant, with Jason Giampietro as always behind the camera.  The  gathering will be downloaded and then posted at the site something in the  very near future on a date to firmed up.

Joel Bocko’s fabulous new film short , Class of 2002, is complete and is presently posted at I Lost It at the Movies.  This often arresting photo memoir boasts some brilliant editing and an alluring narrative voice.  WitD wishes Joel great success with his new work, and encourages all site readers to access it on the very first link under the MMD proper. Joel states in his lead in:  “Class of 2002 is subtitled “a photo-memoir” because it takes the form of a documentary fusing snapshots, home movies, found footage and voiceover to recall the tragic lives of five young people the narrator knew in high school. This is, of course, a work of fiction and through its anecdotes, illustrations, and asides I hope to tell an overarching story. The narrator focuses on his five classmates, whom we discover through his descriptions and recollections, but eventually we learn more about his own life, and how it connects to the people and places we’ve encountered.”

A candle remains lit for Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, the new school in Monroe, and for the valiant principal Dawn Hochsprung, her courageous staff colleagues and the 20 angels who left us on that fateful Friday in mid-December.  Selfless first grade schoolteacher Victoria Leigh Soto has now had a new building named after her in her home town of Stamford.  A beautiful gesture by local officials, and an insurance policy on the continued memory of this great, beloved young woman.   (more…)

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