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Sign posted in front windows of all businesses on Church Hill Road in Sandy Hook village of Newtown


by Sam Juliano

A dry cold underlined the winter sun on bucolic Church Hill Road in the picturesque  Sandy Hook village of Newtown, Connecticut on a community-sponsored Saturday event aimed at business revitalization.  Adorned with green and white ribbons and defiant window placards that declare “We Are Sandy Hook.  We Choose Love,” the  I (Heart) Sandy Hook weekend project, held just a block and a half down the road from Dickenson Drive and Sandy Hook Elementary School was a way for the town to spur on economic renewal for businesses that were frozen during the media surge of last month, when news crews clogged roads, and residents in response stayed home.  Then there was the inevitable silence when everyone and everything cleared out, leaving stores to operate during a down time when many locals opted to stay home and negotiate their own emotional recovery the the unspeakable tragedy of mid-December.  Said one merchant: “People weren’t coming in that live around the area for haircuts and shopping because either they couldn’t get here, or because they couldn’t be in the town…they were hurt.”  Another asserted that the mass who converged on Newtown were understandably uninterested in shopping, and arrived to leave flowers or teddy bears at the memorial.  As a result the Christmas rush, which usually gets store owners through a good part of the year, was non-existent because of the tragedy.  Promoting positive energy and a sense of normalcy in a town whose history has been re-written, was the noble intent of community officials who want to build on the recovery effort. (more…)

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