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30. Culloden 1964


by Allan Fish

(UK 1964 72m) DVD1/2

God is on our side

p  Peter Watkins  d/w  Peter Watkins  ph  Dick Bush  ed  Michael Bradsell  art  Anne Davey, Brendan Woods, Colin MacLeod, John Shaw

Culloden is a testament to a great period in British broadcasting.  An era when the BBC had directors such as Ken Russell, Ken Loach and Peter Watkins making ground-breaking works which redefined the very notion of small-screen narrative.  All made their masterworks, and yet surely the biggest impact was made by the youngest of all.  Peter Watkins was only twenty-six when Culloden was made, and it showcased one of the potentially great talents of post-war British film-making.

Culloden tells, in the form of a live air broadcast, the story of the last battle fought on British soil, between the rebel highlanders under the banner of the Young Pretender, Bonnie Prince Charlie, and the forces of His Majesty George II, led by the Duke of Cumberland, on Wednesday April 17th 1746.  Not merely telling the story of the ill-fated battle itself, it shows in bloody detail the fate of many of the rebels after the battle.  (more…)

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