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29. Cathy Come Home

cathy 1

by Allan Fish

(UK 1966 77m) DVD2

Well, I was a bit fed up

p  Tony Garnett  d  Ken Loach  w  Jeremy Sandford  ph  Tony Imi  ed  Roy Watts  art  Sally Hulke

Carol White (Cathy), Ray Brooks (Reg), Winifred Dennis (Mrs Ward), Wally Patch (grandad), Adrienne Frame (Eileen), Emmett Hennessy (Johnny), Geoffrey Palmer (property agent), Gabrielle Hamilton (welfare officer),

There’s an understatement.  Here we have that rarest of beasts, a moving picture that not only moved, not only did so in more ways than one, but also shocked a nation into action.  It really did make a difference; it was discussed not only on television shows but in the very houses of government.  It was a major reason behind the formation of homeless charity Shelter.  It was among the very first TV plays to go out on the streets in a cinema vérité style to document the urban squalor in all its hideous glory.  It also was the first major work in the career of Britian’s premier political film-maker of the post-war era, Ken Loach.

Cathy is a young woman who has run away from home and who meets Reg, a nice young fellow with whom she falls in love, gets married and has children by.  The problem is that he has an accident which prevents him from working, his mother is totally oblivious to their plight and refuses to help, and then their kindly landlady, who had let them off rent while Reg was unable to work, dies suddenly.  Now her greedy relatives send round a fascist debt collector to terrorise them into leaving, which they are forced to do.  They are moved into a caravan, which they are forced to sell, into a derelict house, from which they are also evicted, even into a tent before she enters a barbaric temporary residence accommodation system where she cannot see her increasingly estranged husband.  As Reg says, “as time goes on we just seem to get lower.” (more…)

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