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Oscar-nominated animated short “The Paperman” is a real gem.

by Sam Juliano

A powerful blizzard pelted the northeast from Friday afternoon to Saturday morning, dropping about a foot of snow on the New York City metropolitan area, and the suburbs, including Fairview, New Jersey.  Yet, you’d never think the high winds and brutal cold that had descended on the area just hours before could possibly yield to such a bright and intense sun that showed itself all day Saturday and helped to downsize all the local snow piles.  Such is usually the case with the February white stuff, whose slushy texture is only useful for the young ones focused on heaving snowballs and building snowmen.  In any case, as this was really the only serious snowstorm this winter and the first bad weather event since Hurricane Sandy, I don’t think we can complain.  Heck, our very good friends Laurie Buchanan, Jon Warner, Pat Perry, Marilyn Ferdinand, Mark Smith and perhaps even Jim Clark have suffered through one of the worst mid-west winters in a while, and have scantly even complained about it.  We did at least dodge the bullet by keeping our power the entire way through, and got to “enjoy” a half-day off from school on Friday.  Lucille, Sammy and I hit the local multiplex right after dismissal to squeeze in a showing of the new Soderbergh film just before the theater closed down as the storm began.

I met up with filmmaker and friend Jason Giampietro on Thursday night at the local Boulevard Diner on Kennedy Blvd. in North Bergen, New Jersey to engage in our annual Oscar predictions interview.  Most of the talk was a thorough discussion of the major categories and our own sizing up of the various voter swings that in recent weeks seem to have firmed up a final verdict.  For the first time, 15 year-old Sammy -who has now seen 7 of the 9 Best Picture nominees- and a lot of other films over the course of the year- was an active participant in the discussion.  The interview will be posted at the site on one of the upcoming days still to be determined. (more…)

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