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by Allan Fish

(UK 1960 150m) DVD2


p/d  Alan Tarrant  w  Sid Green, Dick Hills  m  Max Harris

Anthony Newley (Gurney Slade), Una Stubbs, Bernie Winters, Douglas Wilmer, Charles Lloyd Pack, Moyra Fraser, Dilys Laye, Anneke Wills, James Villiers, Geoffrey Palmer,

Was there ever a TV series more completely out of its time and place?  If the Timelord from Gallifrey had landed his Tardis in Spielberg’s Jurassic Park – imagine Tom Baker’s scarf as he legs it from a T-Rex – he would have been more in his comfort zone.  For fifty years it was whispered of as something of myth, a cult before the term was even invented.  Did it really happen?  Was there really such a show?  One would have been forgiven for thinking it a dream.

It all came about at old ATV in the glory days of ITV when they actually had ambition to make decent programmes.  The BBC had Hancock and dominated the world of TV sitcoms, while American imports from Bilko to Lucy were still going strong on re-runs.  Gurney Slade was never meant to be a long runner, however.  It was like a comet flashing past TV screens only to disappear as quickly as it came. (more…)

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