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by Sam Juliano

This was the first year I participated in the esteemed ‘Muriel Awards’ voting.  Jaimie Grijalba also cast his maiden ballot in the venture run by Paul Clark and Steve Carlson and encompassing some distinguished cineastes who take their movies seriously.  I was personally thrilled that my own #1 film The Turin Horse finished in the Top 5, and that The Deep Blue Sea’s Rachel Weisz was voted Best Actress.  Here are the Top Ten and individual winners:

The Muriels Best Picture (Top 10):

  1. Holy Motors [322 points / 28 votes]
  2. Moonrise Kingdom [295.5 points / 27 votes]
  3. The Master [272 points / 26 votes]
  4. Zero Dark Thirty [174.5 points / 17 votes]
  5. The Turin Horse [163 points / 15 votes]
  6. The Deep Blue Sea [156/16]
  7. Django Unchained [151/16]
  8. Lincoln [150/15]
  9. Looper [139/16]
  10. Amour [118/10] (more…)

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by Joel Bocko

By refusing to broadcast the Honorary Awards for the fourth year running, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has given the cold shoulder to luminaries of film history. Perhaps we should return the favor.

This is not a clever list of “Top 10” reasons to ignore, criticize, or make fun of the Academy Awards. Right now I’m only interested in one deeply unfair and indicative reason. That said, a brief bit of background may be in order…


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by Allan Fish

Best Picture Apocalypse Now US (7 votes)

Best Director Francis Ford Coppola, Apocalypse Now (10 votes)

Best Actor Peter Sellers, Being There (9 votes)

Best Actress Hanna Schygulla, The Marriage of Maria Braun (9 votes)

Best Supp Actor Melvyn Douglas, Being There (8 votes)

Best Supp Actress Mariel Hemingway, Manhattan (7 votes)

Best Cinematography Gordon Willis, Manhattan (11 votes)

Best Score Jerry Goldsmith, Star Trek: The Motion Picture (7 votes)

Best Short The Plank, UK Eric Sykes (2 votes)

Can I just say The Plank, while valid as a nomination, was a remake of Sykes’ earlier 1967 mini feature The Plank, with Tommy Cooper, which was FAR better. Feels a bit naff the poor imitation winning…



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