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Chaplin’s ‘The Circus’ screened in front of sold our crowd on Sunday morning at Film Forum

by Sam Juliano

The Oscars aired on Sunday night, and Lucille and I hosted our annual awards party at a local firehouse that brought together many friends who are seen too few times these days.  As I am preparing this MMD well in advance of the show, I will expect the specifics to be discussed in some measure in the comment section of this post.  The Oscars are a contentious concern at this site, with some professing annual fun watching the oft-embarrassing show biz parade, while others are advocating capital punishment for anyone who tunes in.  At the end of the day, after we’ve broken bread and played catch up with all the events in our lives and tallied up the poll sheets, it’s goodbye until next year with at least some of the guests.  But weeks from now the actual results are really an afterthought and only convenient for statistical queries.  But this is part of the culture, and at least the Oscars don’t try to hide that they are a travesty.  As expected Argo took the top prize, though Ang Lee’s win as Best Director was not quite expected by some.  I am a huge fan of that film.  Once again Christophe Waltz wins a Best Supporting Actor prize, again for Quentin Tarantino. Day-Lewis, Lawrence and Hathaway was all figured to win, and all came away with Oscars.  The night’s biggest winner in total number of awards was The Life of Pi with 4.  Both Les Miserables and Argo ended up with three, while Django Unchained, Lincoln and Skyfall nabbed two each.  Tarantino’s two though were majors, for Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor.

Steve Carlson and Paul Clarke again did a fabulous job running the Muriel Awards, and the impressive results show again they have a bright and tasteful clientele.  The tabulation appears in the post below.

Theological historians are gearing up for the week-end media rush after the former Joseph Ratzinger of Benedict XIV fame leaves the papacy on Thursday, and the political jockeying begins in advance of the coming papal conclave to choose his replacement.  I say this knowing full well how many devout Catholics visit WitD.  Ha! (more…)

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