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The Great and Powerful Oz

Screen cap from Sam Raimi’s “Os the Great and Powerful”

by Sam Juliano

I’d like first off to express my deepest appreciation to my dear friends and some WitD readers who sent me supportive e mails and placed comments on multiple threads regarding my wife Lucille’s present condition.  As I stated in updates answering some, she  will be having the laparoscopic procedure in a few weeks to remove the gall bladder as a result of stones moving towards the bile duct.  A number of readers informed me that their husbands, wives, brothers, sisters and friends have had the same procedure over the years, and that despite the fear associated with any kind of a hospital stay (one day in and out with this one) I am confident all will be well, and Lucille will feel much better as a result.  I can’t thank everyone enough for the exceedingly kind words.

Our very good friend Richard R.D. Finch is nearing a final schedule for the April James Cagney blogothon he has organized for his blogsite The Movie Projector.  Many will certainly recall the spectacularly-successful William Wyler blogothon Finch chaired months ago, a venture that received an appreciative seal of approval by none other than members of the celebrated director’s own family.  A banner will soon be posted on the sidebar, and yours truly will be contributing an essay, much like a number of good WitD friends. (more…)

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