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by Allan Fish

(UK 1975 410m) DVD2

Know Thy Place

p  Tony Garnett  d  Ken Loach  w  Jim Allen  ph  Tony Pierce-Roberts, John Else  m  Marc Wilkinson

Paul Copley (Ben Matthews), Pamela Brighton (Sarah Hargreaves), Nikolas Simmonds (Philip Hargreaves), Melvin Thomas (Ernest Bevin), Gary Roberts (Joel Barnett), Alun Armstrong (Billy Shepherd), Helene Palmer (Martha Matthews), Hughie Turner (Tom Crisp), Jean Spence (May Barnett), Christine Anderson (Jenny Barnett), Clifford Kershaw (Tom Matthews), Brian Hayes (Stanley Baldwin), Peter Kerrigan (Peter), John Young (Ramsay MacDonald), Edward Underdown (Pritchard), Stephen Rea (reporter),

Jim Allen’s Molotov Cocktail of a series aimed at the betrayers of the working classes was advertised as “a series of Four Films from the Great War to the General Strike.”  It was Ken Loach’s return to TV after several years away and would prove the hottest potato of his entire career.  Indeed, elements of what would follow, from Land and Freedom to Hidden Agenda and to The Wind That Shakes the Barley can be glimpsed here, a generation earlier.  Or at least they could have been, had the series been available.  It was only ever shown twice, the last time in 1978, was never released on VHS and only made it to DVD in 2011 as part of a boxset.  People asked why it was never seen, but those who had seen it knew very well why.  Indeed it’s amazing in retrospect that the BBC even green-lighted the project in the first place.  It was like Charles I sponsoring the New Model Army.  (more…)

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