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by Allan Fish

Best Picture The King of Comedy, US (5 votes)

Best Director Robert Bresson, L’Argent  (5 votes)

Best Actor Robert Duvall, Tender Mercies (5 votes)

Best Actress Jane Alexander, Testament & Sandrine Bonnaire, A Nos Amours (4 votes each, TIE!)

Best Supp Actor  Jerry Lewis, The King of Comedy & Jack Nicholson, Terms of Endearment (7 votes each, TIE!)

Best Supp Actress Sandra Bernhard, The King of Comedy (5 votes)

Best Cinematography Gordon Willis, Zelig (8 votes)

Best Score Giorgio Moroder, Scarface (5 votes)

Best Short Thriller, US (5 votes) initially left off results, fixed as of 10/6


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By Bob Clark

This weekend marks the closing of this New York International Children’s Film Festival, which has been one of his highest profile years yet, with releases in multiple theaters throughout the city, from the IFC Center all the way to Lincoln Center. Over the past several years the festival has become one of the best, if not only places to check out recent releases of international animation in Manhattan on a regular basis, with new works from Europe sharing ample screentime with established anime voices like Mamoru Hosada, Makoto Shinkai and the storied house of Studio Ghibli. And though it can be more than a little disheartening to mull over the fact that even in the art-house circuit the only animated works that receive any real attention or release are bound to be ones targeting the youngest of viewers (it’s an uphill climb to even get a teen-oriented movie like Evangelion a stateside release), the contrast that can be seen here between the lush, mature work from around the glob and the crass, polished-plastic output of Pixar and the like in the United States couldn’t be clearer. Between this and the other myriad retrospectives and new releases gracing New York screens I was only able to check out three of the films, but they stand out as easy contenders for some of the best animation to reach our shores this year, though not without a few points to clarify.


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