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Screen cap from Australian charmer “The Sapphires” about Down Under soul-singing quartet

by Sam Juliano

March of last year boasted some lovely Spring weather, as 19 of the first 22 days of the month yielded to temperatures of 60 degrees and higher in the metropolitan area.  This year the number of days that have gone 60 degrees or higher is zero.  With snow, and numbers in the low 30’s we’ve seen a raw extension of the Winter season, and can only hope that April will finally reverse the dogged course.  A late weather report today is revealing that we will have several inches of snow today, starting in the morning.

The 2013 Tribeca Film Festival will be launching in Manhattan on Thursday April 18th, and will run until Sunday April 28th.  If everything goes as expected I will be attending quite a few films with Lucille during the ten day period on passes that are likely to be sent my way.  As was the case like last year, I will be exhaustively covering the festival at WitD.

The U.S. congress has once again showed it’s cowardice, bowing to the powerful NRA gun lobby by killing the assault weapon ban that has been so vigorously proposed after the Newtown tragedy back in December.  When anyone looks at the terrible events that defined that incomparable calamity, it’s clear that mental health issues are to be considered as strongly as the matter of gun control.  But regardless, weapons of war have no place on the streets, and congress have proven themselves unwitting enablers of future disasters. (more…)

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