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National treasure Roger Ebert (1942-2013)

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by Jaime Grijalba.

In Memoriam

I wish to start this week article by dedicating this and all the future pieces to Jesús (Jess) Franco, a true master of horror and one of the most clear examples of someone who loved and worked inside the genre filmmaking, as well as making it lyrical, pure and horrific at the same time. This is for you Uncle Jess, we will miss you.


File #4 – Richard Oswald

Another austrian filmaker, but this one is particularly prolific, and as the majority of the directors that were of that area and Germany, had to flee the Nazi Germany before they got caught, killed or obliged to make propagandistic films. In the particular case of Richard Oswald, there is something even more complicated: he was jewish, he had to get out or probably we would’ve had another number in the most gruesome and awful death toll of all humanity, but looking in the bright and dark side of the life of this particular director, we must say that as prolific as he was in Germany and other countries (after his exile), he surely dedicated some of his ouvre to the horror genre, yet none of the movies he made after leaving Germany ever had anything to do with the genre ever again, maybe he knew that the horrors of the real life, the horrors of the holocaust were enough for the audiences that were seeing his movies, maybe he wanted a change, maybe he was heartbroken after he made it out in the german audiences with his first horror movies (most of them now almost impossible to get), this particular director’s ouvre inside the world of horror (which convoque us every thursday) is almost entirely lost to us viewers right now, if it wasn’t for some scavengers in the world of Internet we wouldn’t have any of the movies that will be discussed today, so this entry is dedicated to the “internet zoldierz” who every day look for the rarest and most precious material for us to have in our hands, just because modern companies and stores who sell DVDs don’t see any future in old re-releases, restorations of silent films, and these are movies that need it desperately, and even if some companies have promised a long time ago some Richard Oswald films, they still come up empty handed, a dire future is ahead and the “internet zoldierz” are making it just a bit brighter than it should be. On the issue of Richard Oswald, you might see that he is a bit unconsidered in the world of filmmaking, but he did have some important and groundbreaking achievements in the horror genre, shall we take a look? (more…)

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