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by Allan Fish

(UK 1967-1968 850m) DVD1/2

A till tongue makes for a happy life

p  Patrick McGoohan  d  Don Chaffey, Pat Jackson, Patrick McGoohan, Peter Graham Scott, Joseph Serf, Robert Asher, David Tomblin  w  Patrick McGoohan, George Markstein, David Tomblin, Vincent Tilsley, Anthony Skene, Terence Feelyu, Joshua Adam, Gerald Kelsey, Roger Woddis, Michael Cramoy, Roger Parkes  m  Ron Grainer  art  Clough Williams-Ellis

Patrick McGoohan (Number 6), Guy Doleman (No.2), George Baker (No.2), Leo McKern (No.2), Colin Gordon (No.2), Eric Portman (No.2), Rachel Herbert (No.2), Anton Rodgers (No.2), Georgina Cookson (No.2), Mary Morris (No.2), Peter Wyngarde (No.2), Patrick Cargill (No.2), Darren Nesbitt (No.2), Andre van Gyseghem (No.2), John Sharp (No.2), Clifford Evans (No.2), David Bauer (No.2), Kenneth Griffith (No.2), Nadia Gray, Paul Eddington, Richard Wattis, Virginia Maskell, Finlay Currie, Peter Bowles, Jane Merrow, John Castle, Hilary Dwyer, Nigel Stock, Duncan Macrae, Annette Andre, Rosalie Crutchley, George Coulouris, Fenella Fielding (announcer),

It’s said that Lew Grade originally wanted more Danger Man.  More adventures of secret agent John Drake.  The star Patrick McGoohan had other ideas, of an idea formulated with George Markstein that would become the single biggest cult series in history.  Even now, in the age of the blogosphere, no series, not Twin Peaks, not Buffy, not even Doctor Who, has generated such speculation, conjecture and theorising.  When McGoohan had briefed Grade about the basic idea, he replied “it’s so crazy, it might work.”

McGoohan is a government operative who is seen speeding to his offices to hand in his resignation.  Returning to his home to pack for we know not where, he passes out when gas is fed into his flat and he wakes up in a sleepy village where the interiors are largely the same as his flat but the outside a sort of Toyland place but one from which he quickly finds he cannot leave.  At the centre of the mystery is the man who calls himself No.2, and who names McGoohan No.6, but it transpires that No.2 is an alias which many different men – and women – employ – and that the real head honcho, No.1, is the one who has the answers. (more…)

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