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Christa Theret as Andree Heuschling and Michel Bouquet as Pierre-Auguste Renoir in “Renoir.”

Vincent Rottiers and Christa Theret in quot;Renoir.quot;

Vincent Rottiers as Jean Renoir and Theret in “Renoir”

by Sam Juliano

I would like to thank everyone who sent e mails and site notices expressing concern for Lucille’s gall bladder procedure conducted this past Thursday.  I drove Lucille home from Engelwood Hospital just hours after she moved into the recovery room, and she is already on her feet and about.  She also extends her appreciation to all who were thinking of her.

Richard R.D. Finch’s James Cagney blogothon will be launched today with the first entries appearing at the respective sites of the various contributors, and will continue through Friday the 12th.  The Wonders in the Dark contribution will be posted on Wednesday.  It will be a review on the 1935 A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which I will working on today and tomorrow.  Judy Geater, John Greco, Jon Warner and Marilyn Ferdinand will also be posting reviews at their own sites during the week.

This past week’s passing of the beloved film critic Roger Ebert ignited a remarkable response from film goers worldwide, especially in Chicago, where citizens there were seemingly invested from a personal perspective.  Ebert’s impact on film and criticism will continue to make it’s mark well into the future, and his work will always be re-examined and held in the highest esteem.  His resilience during an eleven year battle with cancer is an inspiration to all. (more…)

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