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by Jaime Grijalba.

I’m in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For the first time in my life I’ve taken a plane and left my country, Chile, to visit somewhere else, and the promise that I made the year earlier that I would go one step beyond each year is getting real and tangible, I’ve been here for about 4 days now and it’s been an amazing and at the same time tiring endeavour. The city is enormous and beautiful, even if a bit cranky at times (the public transport is slow as hell) and the usual hunger that one suffers when you are travelling on a budget… but, what the hell, we are here for the movies! And movies we shall have! There have been surprises and incredible conversations had with directors and other assistants to the festival. Now, I shall chronicle in a brief way how my first days of Bafici went by using the movies that I saw as a marking point. Shall we proceed?

Day 1 – April 11th

I arrived Buenos Aires at 7:45 am, and due to a confusion with the incredible guy who is admitting me in his house, I arrived the apartment that I had to arrive to at 10.30 am, loosing my first screening of the festival, but anyway I had to get my credential that allowed me to see a maximum of three movies a day (except for the press screenings that are made every morning). My credential reads ‘Jaime Grijalba – wondersinthedark.wordpress.com’ so, yeah guys, the site has an special corresponsal in Argentina covering the festival, but what did I see that day? (more…)

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by Sam Juliano

With the spring break reaching it’s conclusion, those of us in the teaching fraternity will return to the stretch run – the fourth and final marking period.  Lucille will be staying back for a day or two more as a slight complication arose on Sunday when fluid built up in the area of the stitches, necessitating a brief return to the emergency room on Sunday, where another small incision allowed for a draining.  She’s now on antibiotics.  I want to thank all the friends and readers who in one way or another have extended kind words for her speedy recovery.

The tireless and gifted film critic Richard R.D. Finch has once again given the film community an unforgettable blogothon, with a wholly enthusiastic fraternity of writers covering the work of acting icon James Cagney all week long at their respective sites.  Hosting the venture from The Movie Projector, Finch wrote a stupendous piece on White Heat, a classic gangster film from the 50’s directed by Raoul Walsh that Finch later revealed was his favorite of all Cagney pictures.  Following up on the spectacularly-successful William Wyler project from last year -one that attracted letters from hugely appreciative members of the great director’s family -Finch covered the full gamut of Cagney’s craft from the most famous roles to those that have languished off the radar for years.  The net result is a reference archives that Cagney fans can refer back to well into the future.  Congratulations to R.D. Finch and to all those participating with reviews and/or comments. (more…)

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