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by Jaime Grijalba.

Note: this was originally going to be written to appear on monday morning, but flights and internet problems delayed it, excuse any inconcistencies in terms of dates and other stuff. Enjoy!

I recall saying that I would make it in more installments, with a new edition last thursday, but the machine that is the seeing and writing about films just caught up, and since the festival ended yesterday I supposed I could just do the final round-up here on monday and call it a job well done. Besides, if I indeed had done the thing where I feature what I had seen since thursday til sunday, it wouldn’t have been spectacular, because I’ve seen fewer films those days because of my recent outings to different parts of Buenos Aires, I couldn’t escape the chance to actually visit and enjoy the city while I was there. Of course the priority was the watching of movies, but the organization for those who were on press missions, as well as the public transportation in Buenos Aires really played against me and my watching of different films in different places, but yes, to some extent I can say that I did enjoy Buenos Aires and its festival, I’m departing back to Chile today at night so I hope you guys enjoy this second part of my roundup of films seen at the 15th edition of the BAFICI.

For those new, you can check out the first part of this BAFICI revission here. So, let’s get to it, what did I watch?

Day 5 -April 15th

This was one of the hardest days of the festival, mainly because I was writing for last monday’s post on Wonders in the Dark until very late and I was a bit sleepy, thus, don’t trust me on many of the apreciations that I may do in this day of festival, just a small warning. So, I saw 4 movies, some are waited for, some are classics, all of them kinda interesting, so let’s see what this day held for me. (more…)

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