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Coming-of-age adventure MUD, directed by Jeff Nichols is one of the best American films of the year.

by Sam Juliano

Wonders in the Dark will be hosting a Greatest Westerns of All-Time polling/blogothon tentatively slated for a Monday, September 2nd launching.  In an e-mail send out to about forty site writers, friends and affiliates over the weekend, the newest WitD project will focus on a genre that is too often ignored, even by those who enjoy categorizing films.  The western has long been seen as a unique American film genre, but the Europeans have also checked in with their own interpretations, most famously the sub-genre known as the spaghetti western.  In addition, there are  a number of Asian films that follow the formula as well, with the celebrated Kurosawa films Seven Samurai and Yojimbo as notable examples.  Voters will be asked to submit their own Top 60 in numerical order for tabulating purposes and longtime statistician extraordinaire Angelo A. D’Arminio Jr. will again navigate the numbers of the submitted ballots. (D’Arminio, a huge western aficionado, will himself be casting a ballot for this particular polling as well.)   Completed ballots are due in on an extended e-mail chain on August 1st and the results will be announced just days before my family embarks on a 12 day trip to the U.K. later in the month.  When the results are forwarded I will then invite the entire voting body (and even a few others who may prefer not to actually cast ballots) to claim the sixty writing assignments that coincide with the final numerical tabulation.  Like the last project that covered film comedies the day-by-day unfolding of the Top 60 in reverse order will be featured on Monday through Friday, with the weekends exempt.  Anyone interested in voting and/or writing is welcome to leave a comment on the thread with the request.  All are welcome and will be approved.  It is approximated that the western project will run until late November, when the No. 1 film will be unveiled to the blogging community.  I have already received e mails from Sachin Gandhi, Brandie Ashe, Maurizio Roca, Dennis Polifroni and Frank Gallo promising enthusiastic participation, and another from Pierre de Plume expressing delight with the new venture.  Tony d’Ambra sent on a fantastic sidebar banner to alert bloggers of the endeavor as well.  But I am sure there will be many more. (more…)

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