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by Jaime Grijalba.

File #5 – Robert Wiene

This german director is quite well known by most film buffs, and it’s thanks to one of the films that we’re going to talk about in this particular edition of ‘Masters of Horror’, and first of all I must say sorry for the long hiatus, but between the trip to Argentina and the trip back, it all turned a bit messy in terms of watching the films necessary for this edition, as well as the availability of some of them (I truly go the extra mileage to cover all that’s possible within the genre of horror and these filmmakers), so that’s that, sorry. Well, going beyond that, let’s say that many people know Robert Wiene because of his horror films, but who here can honestly say that they’ve seen more than two films directed by Robert Wiene, or let’s take the stakes up, who here has seen more than two Robert Wiene horror films, maybe more than I can think of, but Wiene has become the staple of what we call german expressionism, and here we can truly go and fully comprehend the roots and how it evolved as the decade progressed, as how it started as more a pictoric elements, something that was relegated to the background of the characters, in terms of what could be called expressionistic paintings that splashed the screen with its vivid shadows (when would you hear that again) while the characters remained unaffected, and as time progressed, the elements of makeup (that were timidly appearing) and finally the spaces in which the characters walked through, the cinematography itself turned into an expressionistic feature, and even down the road, when it was fading away, the elements remained and even became translated to those of the plot, that made the films shocking and filled with emotion, giving the cinematography and the characters all the tropes and characteristics to make it feel like a movie that pertains to the german expressionism. This director managed to create and become the most clear example of that artistic intention/taste, and in his horror films he put that to the limit. So, now that we’ve seen how he might’ve single-handedly (well, maybe with Paul Wegener) changed the genre of horror for good, but let’s take a look at the films he made. (more…)

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