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sauve 2

by Allan Fish

continuing with the Godard series

(France 1980 87m) DVD2

Aka. Every Man for Himself; Slow Motion

Cinéma et video

d  Jean-Luc Godard  w  Anne-Marie Mieville, Jean-Luc Godard  ph  Renato Berta, William Lubtchansky, Jean-Bernard Menoud  ed  Anne-Marie Mieville, Jean-Luc Godard  m  Gabriel Yared  art  Romain Goupil

Isabelle Huppert (Isabelle Rivière), Jacques Dutronc (Paul Godard), Nathalie Baye (Denise Rimbaud), Cécile Tanner (Cécile), Anna Baldaccini (Isabelle’s sister), Fred Personne (Mr Nobody), Roland Amstutz (2nd client), Paule Muret (Paul’s ex-wife), Monique Barscha (opera singer), Catherine Freiburghaus (farm girl),

If each film-maker was a movie character, who would Jean-Luc Godard be?  If asked he may have chosen that played by Jean-Pierre Melville in his own A Bout de Souffle.  To me, he’s Johnny Strabler, the biker gang leader played by an iconic if too-old Marlon Brando in The Wild One, being asked what he’s rebelling against and replying “whaddya got?”  That’s how Godard seemed to wish to be seen, as an enigma, rebelling for the sake of rebelling and unsure of exactly what he was rebelling against.  Like the cinema’s take on the ageless rocker who will never recapture the anarchic best of his twenties, but still struts round the stage like he’s 25 when he’s 40 years older.  Godard wasn’t that old in 1980, but he was turning 50, an age which doubtless seemed light years away to the man responsible for A Bout de Souffle, Vivre sa Vie and Bande a Part.  If anything, what does the 50 year old Godard see the world as?  No paradise, that’s for sure, but rather a desert in which sexual fantasy seems the only escape, and only then if it’s of the taboo variety not to be spoken in public. (more…)

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