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Screen grab from Ozu’s “There Was A Father,” one of the great screen masterpieces, shown appropriately enough on Father’s Day at Film Forum’s Ozu Festival.

by Sam Juliano

Wonders in the Dark salute to all the fathers out there who were treated to dinners by family members and all of whom were on the receiving end of the traditional “Happy Father’s Day” greeting.  Weather in the northeast was exceptional after a what must have been the longest sustained period of rain showers in a very long time.  Many thanks once again to our dear friend Dee Dee for adorning the sidebar with the holiday banner.

This past Saturday marked the first installment of what is planned to be a long running series on television anthology episodes from some of the best series of their kind ever aired.  The western polling continues, with about six more weeks left for voters to cast ballots.  This far, eight have been submitted.

Lucille and I attended three films at the Ozu Festival, including a Father’s Day doubleheader of films I have seen many times over the years.  We also took in two new releases, one of which I am tempted to sue the filmmakers for stealing two hours of my life.  Ha! (more…)

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