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by Jaime Grijalba.

Kapringen (2012, Tobias Lindholm)

How much would you pay for a human life? I’m not talking about how much does it cost to actually bring a life into existence (there are many calculations regarding doctors, clothes, education, nurishment, etc, that can easily go sky-high in terms of the actual price of bringing another life to this planet in our present condition), but I’m talking about how much of a price do you put in someone else’s head… of course, you’d say that it depends, you wouldn’t pay a dime for the life of someone like Hitler (to put the most obvious and terrible example), but for your actual son or daughter, it could easily go into millions and millions of dollars, that you might not have, but would be able to pay nonetheless so that their life is still there. But again, I’m still not talking about that, I’m talking not about a sense of actual pertainence, that you could get to ‘own’ the life that you pay for, but how much would you actually pay for someone to be alive, for somebody that you also don’t know, to keep themselves alive, how much worth does actual human life has in a pure ‘let this human being keep on living’ sense has? That is one of the questions that is asked in this film, and you might say that in any other ransom film the question is the same, as to how much are you actually willing to pay to release a bunch of people that are being held captive by another party, but here it’s different, as we are put in the skin of not only those who are held captive, but in the mind of the one in charge of paying the ransom, but the man in charge is also a business man. Let’s say you’re responsible for the situation, but at the same time you have to be senseless: you can’t pay too much for human life, in the end, how much does it actually cost?


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