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Ozu’s 1953 masterpiece “Tokyo Story” stars Chishu Ryu, Setsuko Hara and Chieko Higashiyama

Screen grab from Jason Giampietro’s Rockaway-set short “The Sun Thief” which played at BAM Fest on Thursday as part of narrative shorts program

by Sam Juliano

The passing of the exceptionally talented James Gandolfini at the very young age of 51 has left everyone in a state of shock. Those who faithfully watched every episode of The Sopranos won’t forget the character’s towering and charismatic presence, nor the larger than life persona that has followed him through his movie career. Many have attested to his exceeding generosity and dynamic personality, and his passing has deprived the cultural community of a bonafide superstar, and his family of a beautiful human being.

Lucille, Sammy, Danny and I traveled to Brooklyn on Thursday night to watch a narrative shorts program at 9:30 P.M. as part of the BAM Fest. Jason Giampietro’s 20 minute “The Sun Thief” and three other shorts attracted a nice gathering at the Rose Cinemas of the Peter Jay Sharp Building. Giampietro’s short, easily the best of the four screened, is set on Rockaway Beach and features a seemingly bi-polar surfer who injects a dose of contentiousness into an otherwise benign relationship.  But the film’s interracial lovers are also buffooned by some woodwind players on the beach. Well-regarded Manhattan cinematographer Sean Price Williams (a former Kim’s Video employee) collaborates with Giampietro, who again shows exactly why editing is his particular forte in this brisk little oddball hybrid that offers up realism with a surrealist undercurrent. The less said about the other three shorts, the better.  Giampietro’s latest short, “I Will Paint Your Spirit” can be viewed on this Vimeo link:



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