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James Cagney’s foot-stomping song and dance man in the rousing slice of Americana “Yankee Doodle Dandy” is one of the greatest performances of all-time.

by Sam Juliano

July 1st.  The signal that high temperatures are here to stay, and vacations for most are upcoming.  Lucille and I and the entire family will be embarking on that long elusive “trip of a lifetime” in just under 40 days, with a Virgin Atlantic flight set to leave Newark late on Wednesday August 7th, a day that is the official end of the summer program that I am currently teaching.  We will be spending six days in London and seven at the home of Allan Fish in Kendal, a breathtakingly scenic enclave 50 miles south of the Scottish border.  Our plans include a one day train trip from Kendal to Edinburgh, Scotland, another one to Liverpool (my kids are huge Beatles fans, as Lucille and I are) and a shorter hike from London to Stratford-upon-Avon, where I will realize the aspirations I’ve maintained for decades to visit the Bard’s final resting place.  Many other stops in London to the most popular destinations are on the itinerary, all covered by the “London pass” that will be secured for all of us.  Allan will be meeting us in London upon our arrival at the hotel, and will stay with us for the period of time in the big city, and then guiding back on the train ride to his Kendal home.  There are two very close friends and WitD associates that we are very excited to see as well.  But I’ll wait until the trip report to discuss this rare event, surely a major highlight in everyone’s lives.

Speaking of “life” highlights, this past Monday night our 14 year-old son Danny graduated the eighth grade at a spirited ceremony at La Fortuna Restaurant in Fairview.  Danny, a talented artist, with begin Cliffside Park High School in September.  He is now the third of our five kids to reach that level, with only Jillian (entering grade 7) and Jeremy (starting grade 6) still to reach that threshold. (more…)

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