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by Jaime Grijalba.

Exit Elena (2012, Nathan Silver) Seen through a screener provided by the director.

First of all, to all the people in the United States, may you have a happy 4th of July, and don’t forget what you’re celebrating, and that’s the fact that a bunch of slave-owning, aristocratic, white males didn’t want to pay their taxes. There goes all the fun I wanted to have. To the rest of the world, let’s just say that it’s another day in the calendar, a week day is a work day and we must always look forward to what today can give us, but we usually do find a way or another to be affected by the always tainted date of the 4th of July, either be by the constant reminders from friends from the upper continet or by Google by changing its color scheme to match the most original combination of colors and simbols to represent ones country: red, blue, white and stars. How else could I celebrate this week’s magnus event than by reviewing a movie that is coming out in the States in some select theaters, and it’s also a movie produced and acted exclusively by american white producers, director and actors, how much joy and pride we can get out of this film? Well, the fact that it’s watchable is already a good prospect for today, I guess, it’s enough for me, and I’m having the sensation that this might be the best film that will be released this week in our dear country (just taking a look at the list at hand doesn’t proove me too wrong: Absence, Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me, Despicable Me 2, A Girl & a Gun, Just Like a Woman, Kevin Hart: Let me Explain, The Lone Ranger, The Look of Love, Stuck in Love, The Way Way Back) but hey, I could be wrong, but do take this recommendation, it may the best way to celebrate AMERICA! (more…)

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