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by Sam Juliano

Sweltering heat.  Stern weather advisories.  And a time to add a new culinary trick to those tiring of using the backyard grill: frying eggs on the sidewalk.  Those residing in the NYC metropolitan area have seen temperatures soar over 90 in the A.M. hours and remain in the high 80’s at night.  It’s time to take refuge indoors and to stay there, unless one has an unusually high tolerance for outdoor steam baths.  It’s a good time to head out to the multiplexes if you’re lucky enough not to burn yourself when you enter your car.  Luckily, the majority of our readers are not from the area -some indeed live in the southern hemisphere, where they are in the throws of winter – and may be getting this potentially dangerous situation in lesser degrees.  At any rate it appears we are in for an uncompromising summer.  Those in my own household will get a two week European reprieve, and hopefully others have vacations on their schedules.

Once again we would like to thank Dee Dee for her remarkable work on the sidebar and the exciting new updates on the recent activities of the Film Noir Foundation and fantastic new restorations in the work.  The specific report on Woman on the Run signifies celebration time for noir fans.

The western polling continues towards the conclusion of it’s first stage: the submission of ballots.  The ninth submission was made by Dennis Polifroni, who opted to extend the boundaries with his own Top 60 choices, some of which included some most interesting hybrids.  The balloting will continue until 11:00 P.M.  EST on Thursday, August 1st.  Note:  I stand corrected.  There have been 13 ballots this far submitted. (more…)

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