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I’ve been paying attention to films which, in various ways—seismic narrative, high Mach numbers for optics and sonics—give an accounting for a world eluding general detection. It’s refreshing, I think, to travel beyond the scope of Expedia. Though it’s always exciting to join in with vehicles so far out you’ll never be the same, there is a jet fleet—calling itself Band Apart [from Bande a part—Band of Outsiders], no less—which, though hitherto never failing to deliver plenty of bang for buck, wants, we’ve come to learn, to show us pacesetting you have to look twice to find.

After revving into places far from Hollywood, by way of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, sky’s-the-limit risk-taker, Quentin Tarantino, put out a bit of a challenge to the thrill-seekers, in the form of a craft that flirts copiously with the ordinary. Sure, we meet there the usual quorum (quantum) of lawbreakers; but here—with Jackie Brown (1997)—we miss that certain something, that tornado pitch of iconoclasm that would lend very strange and very exciting poetry to their murderousness. Here we have a crime chieftain reflexively barking out “motherfucker” so often it begins to sound like “wascal.” Not that stupidities were absent from the other flights; but that there they were fuel for frenzy and captivation. In The Big Lebowski, appearing one year after the entry we’re trying to get a bead on here, the Coens score easily ahead of Tarantino’s script that plops out the kingpin’s girlfriend’s asking his pal, “Wanna fuck?” Their improvement in salacious shock is a kingpin’s girlfriend telling the Dude, “I’ll suck your cock for a thousand dollars.” No contest, right? Well, that remains to be seen. (more…)

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