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Michael B. Jordan as Oscar Grant in electrifying “Fruitvale Station”

by Sam Juliano

The heat wave continues to melt everything in its path.  NYC has been mired in the mid 90’s with oppressively high humidity, and people across the country are reporting intolerable conditions.  Even in Kendal, where Allan Fish usually boasts of more moderate temperatures, the situation is dire.  As I prepare the lead-in to this DMM on late Saturday afternoon we are promised that a cold front heading south from Canada will finally break this scorching stranglehold, but the proof will be in the pudding.  The heat did in fact break a bit on Sunday, when the number only reached the mid 80’s.

Another ballot was submitted this week for the western polling (by Drew McIntosh) and it was a real beauty.  There are now only ten days left for voters to have their choices submitted.  It is expected that the official results will be sent to me by Voting Tabulator Angelo A. D’Arminio Jr. a few days before we depart on August 7th for our two week trip to the U.K., at which point I will send around an assignment grid.  A number of films have actually been claimed already by voters are are well aware certain titles are a cinch to make the Top 70 that will be covered starting on September 1st.  The countdown, like last year’s on comedy films, will run into December. (more…)

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