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Happy End 1


by Allan Fish

(Czechoslovakia 1967 71m) not on DVD

Aka. Stastny konec

The End

p  Milos Stejskal  d  Oldrich Lipsky  w  Milos Macourek, Oldrich Lipsky  ph  Vladimir Novotny  ed  Miroslav Hajek  m  Vlastimil Hala  art  Karel Skvor

Vladimir Mensik (Bedrich Frydrych), Jaroslava Obermeierova (Julia), Josef Abrham (Birdie), Bohus Zahorsky (Tchán), Stella Zázvorková (Tcyhné), Jaroslav Stercl (Stráznik), Helena Ruzicková (Cernovláska), Vladimir Cech (Kat), Josef Hlinomaz (Komisar), Martin Ruzek (Zalobce), Bedrich Prokos (Knez), Merko Musil (Dozorce), Lena Birková (Zajicová),

Cue opening credits.  Konec.  The End.  Right, that was short and sweet.  Or not.  The idea of narratives going in reverse was in fashion at the turn of the century, with Memento and Peppermint Candy.  A few years ago there was the The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, with not a narrative but a life in reverse.  Oldrich Lipsky’s film, however, goes beyond any of these, like Memento multiplied by ten to the power of infinity and scripted by Spike Milligan.  In Happy End the whole film is played in reverse, literally backwards, so characters go back in, rather than come out, jump from in the water to the jetty rather than jump into the water and lovers come back to life from being dead in the street and jump through the upstairs window rather than gets thrown out of it and killed.  As for dialogue, answers come before questions, which come before the previous answer. So one early exchange goes “one…has he got any children?…five seventeen…what’s the time?”  You’ll need a clear head for this one. (more…)

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