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Cate Blanchett in Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine”

by Sam Juliano

I want to thank everyone who sent me e mails or left phone messages in regards to Lucille’s condition.  She is feeling better and is home resting, though she was adamant she wanted to see the new Woody Allen movie over the weekend.  As I reported in a previous post we all had a traumatic week.  Lucille was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), though she has the less aggressive remissive strain.  The vast majority of people live full lives and normal life expectancy  with this condition, and the treatments have been known to keep symptoms and progression at bay.  Two people in our school system have lived with this for over 40 years and are doing fine.  New medicines for MS have done wonders for so many people, and Lucille will begin with these meds when we return.  Our lives will change to be sure, and at this point I will know what my own priorities will be.  Lucille’s doctor said the upcoming U.K. trip is a blessing after the hectic week, and he advised against cancellation.  So all seven of us will be flying out on August 7th, and returning on August 21st.

I just received a beautiful e mail from my good friend Patricia in Washington State, who related in her correspondence that a close movie going friend, who is now a grandmother at age 66 first had her MS diagnosed during her first pregnancy. (more…)

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