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Knight Without Armour

by Allan Fish

(Bulgaria 1966 77m) not on DVD

Aka. Ritzar bez bronya

The knight of the shining crystal

p  Vulcho Yordanov  d  Borislav Sharaliev  w  Valeri Petrov  ph  Atanas Tasev  ed  Ventzeslava Karenesheva, Evgeniya Radeva  m  Vasil Kazandziev  art  Mariya Ivanova

Oleg Kovachev (Vanyo), Apostol Karamitev (uncle), Mariya Rusalieva (Emiliya, mother), Tsvyatko Nikalov (Stamov, father), Tanya Massalatinova (Miss Kirilova), Sonya Markova (reporter), Katya Stoyanova (Rosamund), Oleg Popov,

When Toto Cascio first beamed from movie posters for Cinema Paradiso he seemed like all the movie moppets of the past rolled into one.  His wasn’t so much a performance as a thematic condensation of what it is to be a child.  At the time I’d never seen a kid like him, and while we have seen some special child/teen talents come and go, especially on the distaff side (Ana Torrent, Patricia Gozzi, Jaroslava Schallerova, Zsuzsa Czinkóczi), Cascio still remained the moppet’s moppet.

All that changed with discussion with a fellow film buff who pointed me in the direction of a film called Knight Without Armour.  My initial thoughts were naturally of the film on the preceding page, of Donat and Dietrich in revolutionary Russia, but it quickly became clear that this was something very different.  A Bulgarian film about childhood, not a film you would find in western film histories. (more…)

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