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by Sam Juliano

Bon Voyage they are telling me.  Some have tabbed it as the “trip of a lifetime.”  Others note it’s a rare opportunity to have all family members together for a an all-too-brief two week period that will be referenced for many years to come.  While the trip has been dampened by medical consternation, a weekend hospital procedure, and a global terror alert that has just surfaced, we move forward with optimism and a sense of purpose.  At 58 and 49 years old, respectively, this will be the first European undertaking for Lucille and I, (yes I am the one who is 58!) and the longest distance traveled since our honeymoon to Aruba in 1995.  Though Alan Fish has twice visited us at our New Jersey home for 18 day junctures in 2008 and 2009, this will be the first time we will see him (and his lovely mum) on his own turf, dispelling all those long-held predictions that no such trip would ever materialize.  God willing we should be arriving at Heathrow sometime mid morning on Thursday, August 8th, from which point we will use our London passes to train our way to our southside hotel.  Despite the anticipated jet lag, we are figured the kids will be too excited to sleep mid-day, and we have tentative sites planned for that first day, including the Globe Theatre and the BFI store.  Numerous other sites like the Tower of London, Westminster Cathedral and Windsor Castle are on the itinerary for the six day London period, which will also include a trek up to Stratford-upon-Avon.  Sometime mid-day on Tuesday the 13th we will be taking a train up to Allan’s home in Kendal, where we will remain until the day of departure back to the U.S. via Heathrow on the 21st.  Plans to visit Liverpool for the Beatles Tour and Edinburgh, Scotland from Kendal are being firmed up.  I will of course have a thorough report with pictures on the MMD of August 25th.

I am also hoping to see a few very good friends while in the U.K., but will have more about that on the re-cap. (more…)

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