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by Allan Fish

(Sweden 1963 115m) not on DVD

Aka. Ett drömspel

The castle is still rising

p  Kare Santesson  d  Ingmar Bergman  play  August Strindberg  m  Sven-Erik Bäck  art  Cloffe

Ingrid Thulin (Agnes), Uno Henning (Alfred), Allan Edwall (Axel), Olof Widgren (writer), John Elfström (glazier), Maude Adelson (married woman), Else Ebbesen (gatekeeper), Märta Droff (Kristin), Börje Mellvig (schoolmaster), Eivor Landström (Lina), Manne Grünberger (Dean), Birgir Malmsten (married man), Curt Masreliez (quarantine master),

One would be forgiven for thinking that Ingmar Bergman’s obsession with Strindberg and this most iconic of plays in particular was like the old actor’s superstition with Macbeth, with a variation.  Not that he couldn’t say Macbeth, but rather that he had to say it, and keep dropping it in there, but woe betide if he came to make a film of it.  Is a TV play a film?  The volume of small screen entries here gives you one answer.

Some may recall A Dream Play as the production Lena Olin’s actress is rehearsing in After the Rehearsal.  It’s also the play being prepared in a recollection of Lena Endre’s imaginary actress in Faithless.  And what is it about?  A lengthy quote from the author himself in caption form over the opening credits, which reads like a hitherto lost letter from St Paul to some city or other in Asia Minor, gives you some idea.  “I have in this play attempted to imitate the inconsequent yet transparently logical shape of a dream.  Time and place do not exist…”  On a surface level it’s about Agnes, who we are led to believe is the daughter of the Hindu goddess Indra.  She is cast down to earth, or into the minds of various people on earth, to find out about human beings.  (more…)

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