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by Allan Fish

(Japan 1965 88m) DVD2 (Japan only, no English subs)

Aka. Kuroi yuki

She was like a pack of marshmellows

d/w  Tetsuji Takechi  ph  Takeo Kurata  ed  Hanzaburo Kaneko  m  Joji Yuasa

Kotobuki Hananomoto (Jiro), Yōichiro Mikawa, Chitose Kurenai, Yasuko Matsui, Takako Uchida, Mariko Taki, Akira Ishiyama, Chojiro Hanagawa, Chieko Murata,

The name of Tetsuji Takechi was always relegated to the margins and footnotes, even in traditional histories of Japanese cinema.  When people come to remember the Japanese new wave of the late 1950s to early 1970s in decades to come, it’s rather to Yoshida, Teshigahara, Shindo, Suzuki, Masumura, Wakamatsu and Oshima that people will be directed first.  The irony is Oshima would be the first to decry that summary expulsion to the periphery, for he was the biggest name in cinema to come forward to stand up for Takechi when Black Snow drew down censorial ire, and himself returned to film after a couple of years sabbatical.  The reason for the legal action officially was its sexuality, but that was merely a smokescreen to prevent bringing up its anti-Americanism, too.  It’s all too clear Takechi saw all those who lived off the American occupiers as parasites. (more…)

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