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ariane 1931 a

by Allan Fish

(Germany 1931 78m) not on DVD

The Berlin itinerary

p  Paul Czinner  d  Paul Czinner  w  Carl Mayer, Paul Czinner  novel  Claude Anet  ph  Adolf Schlasy

Elisabeth Bergner (Ariane Kousnetsova), Rudolf Forster (Konstantin Michael), Hertha Guthmar (Olga), Annemarie Steinsieck (Tante Warwara), Theodor Loos (Dr Hans Adalmeit), Alfred Gerasch (the doctor), Nicolas Wassiljeff (the student),

It’s that age old question again, when the wounded male ego feels it has the right to ask of its beloved “how many?”  In this case, the response is “eight.”  She goes on; “with the first I was 16.  I wanted to know what it was like that they had been raving so much about.  With the second I thought I was in love, but I wasn’t.  The third had been a student.  The fourth had been a student, and the fifth was a student.  The sixth was an officer.  The seventh was in love with my aunt.  And then you came along, the eighth.  Your reign was the longest…”  He then reminds her she forgot one.  “Yes, I was forgetting”, she nods.  “Nine.”  (more…)

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