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Screen capture from critically-praised coming-of-age film “The Spectacular Now”

by Sam Juliano

London and Kendal are now memories, and the summer is on it’s death throes, with today’s Labor Day holiday the final off day before work starts for many. Tomorrow is the first day of school in our district, with a teacher’s meeting scheduled for today, and the first day for students set for Wednesday.

The western countdown proper will commence on Monday, September 30, though the two weeks prior (starting on September 16) are reserved for the possible writing of some runner-up and feature western pieces yet to be determined.  If no posts materialized (or even if a few do) the remaining days will be left blank, allowing for the writers to have more time to complete their reviews.  In an e mail sent out to the full group of writers and voters, a tentative schedule grip has neared full completion, with only three or fours essays still unclaimed.

Once again, the site thanks the incomparable Dee Dee for her work on the sidebar and her posting of the Labor Day icon.  Australian Tony d’Ambra, another longtime friend and associate also helped out WitD big-time last week by reversing an ill-advised font change, using his knowledge and skills to overcome the difficulties in negating the change. (more…)

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