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plac 1

by Allan Fish

(Spain 1961 87m) DVD2 (Spain only, no English subs)

Seat a poor man at your table

p  Alfredo Matas  d  Luis Garcia Berlanga  w  Luis Garcia Berlanga, Rafael Azcona, José Luis Colina, José Luis Font  ph  Francisco Sempere  ed  José Antonio Rojo  m  Miguel Asins Arbó

Cassen (Plácido Alonso), José Luiz López Vázquez (Don Cabino), Elvira Quintilla (Emilia), Manuel Alexandre (Julian Alonso), Mari Carmen Yepes (Martita), Jesus Puche (Don Arturo), José Maria Caffarel (Zapater), Xan de Bolas (Rivas), Amelia de la Torre (Doña Encarna de Galán), Laura Granados (Erika), Lepe (Emilia’s father), José Orjas (notary), Agustin Gonzalez (Alvaro Gil), Carmen Contreras (Vivian), Julia Delgado Caro (Maria Helguera), Antonio Gandia (Pascual), Julia Caba Alba (Concheta), Maria Francès,

As I write I am moving into my eighth year of writing pieces for this work.  I’ve just come off the back of the worst sickness I can remember which spoiled the traditional Christmas and New Year festivities.  During this time I haven’t written a single piece, stopped dead by a lethargy and insomnia one step short of a coma.  Appropriate it is then that the first piece I should write after this malaise is about Luis Garcia Berlanga’s typically savage satirical farce.  For this is the spirit of Christmas, as dreamt up by Niccolo Machiavelli, a time of giving, yes, but at a price; always at a price. (more…)

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