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Screen cap from extraordinary “Short Term 12,” a strong contender for film of the year honors

by Sam Juliano

The Western Countdown will officially commence on Monday, September 30, but the two weeks prior may still feature a few essays on runner ups or western-related topics.  In any case, if none or only part of that materializes we will still wait for the 30th, as it will give the current writers more time to complete their assignments.  As stated on previous MMD’s the countdown will run Monday through Friday, and will conclude early in December.  Group e mails have been distributed to the writers, who now now the dates their respective reviews will appear.

A video produced by 17 year-old High School senior Melanie Juliano of the U.K. trip is completed, and is planned for link up to the site in the coming weeks.

Typically, the past week was hectic in these parts, what will school starting.  But for those with year round jobs without the seasonal chapter markers, it’s business as usual.  At home I worked my way to the conclusion of THE WIRE Season 4, and now have only the final season left.  In theaters Lucille and I saw two films, the latter the first screening in the new season of Film Forum Jr.: (more…)

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