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ah the pain

by Allan Fish

As Ralph Fiennes once said in Schindler’s List; “today is history.”  After several years of devoted red-carpeting beyond the call of anyone’s duty, this weekend marks the first time since it was established that the Monday Morning Diary was not completed by our beloved Führer, Phooey Sam.  Even when recently in the UK terrorising the oxygen supply of Blighty’s fair capital, he still managed to haul his sore ass to the hotel PC or my own PC to write a brief piece.

While the picture may make one think that Sam has been hospitalised, inconsolable at the loss of his The Wizard of Oz Blu Ray box set – more than any grizzly bear can think to overcome – it’s rather those stones.  Dem stones, dem stones, dem dry (expletive deleted) stones.  After weeks of prevarication from the medical establishment that always it seems are out to make an extra buck, he was finally admitted into hospital for what they called a ‘procedure’.  One has to admit, it’s one of the great euphemisms, procedure; makes it sound like a series of items to do when baking a cake.   Said procedure took place on Friday 13th September (yup, only Sam could get booked in for an operation on Friday 13th).


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