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by Sachin Gandhi

Two men face off against each other, their fingers hovering in mid-air around their waist, aching to reach for the gun. And then in a flash, a shot is fired while the other man only manages to pull his gun out of his holster. The slower man drops dead to the ground while the survivor sees another kill marked towards his growing reputation as the fastest gun in the West. The fast draw is a quintessential component of the Western and vital to the legend of the gunslinger, or gunfighter, a term used to denote “a man dangerous with a gun”. The more wins a gunfighter has, the bigger his reputation! The opening title card of Henry King’s 1950 classic film The Gunfighter mentions some of the famed men whose quick hands were vital in the split second difference between “death and glory”. Men such as Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid and Wild Bill Hickok belong to this category but as per the title card, the fastest gun was a lean Texan named Ringo. (more…)

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