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by Jaime Grijalba.

This isn’t based on reality, all the characters have familiar names, but the characteristics are my invention.

Sorry for the small size, zoom in if necessary.

 1. INT. SLEEPING QUARTERS - NIGHT                                

          A narrow aisle between two rows of cots with men either          
          lying down or sitting is the only place where JAIME GRIJALBA     
          seems to be able to walk through in search of his cot. It’s      
          a hot night, everyone is sweating and it’s all very dusty,       
          as in most westerns. We hear some conversations from the         
          people sitting down as Jaime advances.                           

                              SAMUEL WILSON                                
                    ...Sergio Leone saw this film and                      
                    thought of Henry Fonda first as his                    
                    Man With No Name and finally, once                     
                    he had the clout to get him, as a                      
                    more evil and more doomed                              
                    representative of that “ancient                        
                    race” in Once Upon a Time in the                       
                    West. Watch Warlock and you                            
                    understand what Leone was after.                       
                    Fonda’s slow-burning yet commanding                    
                    performance heads a deep ensemble                      
                    ranging from the eccentric Quinn                       
                    and the redemptive Widmark to                          
                    DeForrest (Dr. McCoy) Kelley giving                    
                    perhaps his greatest performance in                    
                    a relatively small role...                             

                              DENNIS POLIFRONI                             
                    ...to be frank.  I don’t think it’s                    
                    a western at all.  Yes, it has all                     
                    the visual and textural trappings                      
                    of a classic western.  The film                        
                    takes place in the valleys and                         
                    deserts that have become signature                     
                    backdrops to the work of Mann and                      
                    Leone and John Ford.  The                              
                    production design is reminiscent of                    
                    all the old clapboard towns that                       
                    many a villain and hero rode into                      
                    in pictures like MY DARLING                            
                    CLEMENTINE and THE GOOD, THE BAD                       
                    AND THE UGLY.  It’s populated with                     
                    characters straight out of the                         
                    classic western repertoire and, at                     
                    any given moment, you might find                       
                    yourself facing off with                               
                    gunslingers, Mexican “Banditos”,                       
                    whore-house hookers, tin-starred                       
                    lawmen and old dog kicking drunks                      
                    hitting you up for a coin to waste                     
                    away on another shot of hard                           
                    whiskey.  Yet, with all of these                       
                    trappings, BUTCH is not really a                       
                    western...       (more…)

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Screen cap from 12 YEARS A SLAVE, a staggering masterpiece that leaves one shaken and overwhelmed.

Pat Perry et all

Pat Perry and pal Flo Finer flank Sam and Jeremy near Marriott Marquis in Manhattan (photo by Lucille Juliano)

John Grant

Author John Grant (left) at Watchung Bookstore with Sam on Wednesday night.

by Sam Juliano

The western countdown continues to move forward successfully, with impressive numbers in both page views and comments confirming relevance with readers.  The third week featured some exceptional essays on some eclectic titles.  As always, Dee Dee has been linking up to her ‘ning’ site on the sidebar daily, offering up some fantastic posters and lobby cards of every film appearing on the countdown.  The project will continue for the next seven weeks, ending in early December.

Lucille, Sammy and I attended a seminar at the Watchung bookstore on Thursday evening.   The topic concerned prospective authors and their various obstacles in getting published.  The panel included John Grant (Paul Barnett), the author of a new encyclopedia on Film Noir.  Grant, who previously engaged in on-line conversation with our own Tony d’Ambra (d’Ambra had reviewed at the volume at FilmsNoir.net two weeks ago) informed Tony that he would be appearing in Montclair to speak on the subject and to bring along copies of his new volume.  We picked up our own copy and later met with Grant, his lovely wife Pam and another fan at a local Irish Pub for a delightful chat. (more…)

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