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by Sachin Gandhi

The West, 1867. Seven men arrive into town and head to a saloon to nourish their senses with a few shots of Whiskey. Two of the men slip out and calmly rob a bank. The remaining five bring over their horses and all seven swiftly ride out of town, firing bullets in the air. Once out of town, all the men remark how easy their robbery was. Old Jed rides slightly behind the gang, acting as a look-out in case they are followed. A group of soldiers appears over the horizon, causing Jed and the rest of the gang to gallop their horses faster. Jed is killed by the soldiers but the remaining six approach a vast stretch of a desert. The captain orders his soldiers to pull back and decides it is best to let nature deal with the men sparing the soldiers the trouble of hanging the bank robbers. The captain’s words clearly indicates he expects the harsh desert to kill and consume the men. After the soldiers leave, the men peacefully count and split the loot. Stretch (Gregory Peck), the leader of the pack, reckons he has no choice but to forge ahead across the desert. When one of the men remarks that it may be “70 miles across the sink”, Stretch responds that the sink is “Just a place, a place can be crossed.” (more…)

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