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Screen cap from 1996’s ‘Beautiful Thing,’ a British gay love story

Capture from 1934 Jean Vigo masterpiece ‘L’Atalante’

by Sam Juliano

I have been getting many e mails about the latest venture at WitD, and I must say I am exceedingly delighted with the passionate response from site regulars and readers.  I put together my own list of ‘suggestions’ and Allan Fish followed suit with a fabulous proposal of titles that voters may want to consider.  Though I intend to sent the titles to the e mail chain, I wanted to post them at WitD early so that those itching to begin the process with have some formidable titles to consider.  Naturally, as is the case with past pollings, everyone will be free to vote for titles that are not on the list proposals.  Remember that this scroll of titles is only to held assist everyone’s memory.  I am sure many votes will be cast for films not mentioned, and that is indeed the way it should be.  In any event here are some proposals:

Way Down East 1920, D.W.Griffith
The Wedding March 1928, Erich Von Stroheim
City Girl 1929, F.W.Murnau
Flesh and the Devil 1926, Clarence Brown
Lonesome 1928, Pal Fejos
Waterloo Bridge 1931, James Whale
Liebelei 1932, Max Ophuls
L’Atalante 1934, Jean Vigo
Zoo in Budapest 1933, Rowland V.Lee
Peter Ibbetson 1935, Henry Hathaway
Mayerling 1936, Anatole Litvak
Gone With the Wind 1939, Victor Fleming
Love Affair 1939, Leo McCarey
The Story of the Late Chrysanthemums 1939, Kenji Mizoguchi
The Shop Around the Corner 1940, Ernst Lubitsch
Brief Encounter 1945, David Lean
Les Enfants du Paradis 1945, Marcel Carné

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