Archive for December 23rd, 2013

by Sam Juliano

Warmer temperatures have oddly taken hold on the east coast as Christmas Day 2013 approaches.  As always the site would like to thank the incomparable Dee Dee for keeping the holiday spirit and context alive and well on the sidebar and with the winter landscape on the main pages, and for all her other pertinent and timely movie-related announcements connected to events and on-line activities.  We at Wonders in the Dark would like to extend best wishes for the holidays to all our friends and faithful readers.  A special thanks to everyone who has taken time from their busy schedules to say hello by e mail or leave comments under our posts.  Our entire family will be spending the 25th at the nearby home of my 83 year-old father with my brothers and sister also in attendance with their own families.  I look forward to sharing Christmas Day stories with everyone on next week’s  MMD.  Again Happy Holidays to All.

I will finally be sending a group e mail to all those who participated in the western countdown later this week with the specifications for the upcoming ‘Romantic Film’ countdown, a project that will launch some time in April of 2014. (more…)

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